Having a Healthy Halloween



Halloween is almost upon us! It’s that time of year again, when monsters, ghouls, and all things spooky come out of the shadows to terrorize your neighborhood. Halloween is an appropriately chilling opening show for the holiday season, and as with many holidays it is easy to get carried away in the Halloween festivities and lose sight of our personal health and fitness. Whether you plan to take your children out for some trick-or-treating, go out on the town, or stay in and binge watch The Walking Dead after the trick-or-treaters stop knocking, here are a few tips for having a healthy Halloween.

Go Easy On The Candy

Of course when we think of Halloween, we think of candy, and lots of it! The problem is, candy can pack in lots of calories in exchange for zero nutritional benefit:  even just one mini peanut butter cup contains almost 50 calories, and it’s pretty easy to eat at least 10 of those at a time. Portion control is key, so let the kids take a few of their favorite candies each day and put the rest away out of reach, and try to do the same for yourself!

Eat Healthy Treats

Far easier than saying “no” to candy is saying “yes” to delicious and healthy alternatives. How about yummy caramel apples? Or my favorite, some “boo”-nana pops (and you can make these with Greek yogurt instead of white chocolate)? Get creative and throw together something spooky!



Get Active

Halloween is a perfect time for getting on the move, and there are many creative ways to do so. Set a goal with your family for how many houses you can stop at while trick-or-treating, practice those” Thriller” moves for the party while there’s still time, or you can try this crazy pumpkin workout!

Stay Hydrated

Please do! Being cooped up in your Darth Vader costume while busting out the “Thriller” will result in some incredible water loss. Remember to bring water for everyone on your trick-or-treating adventure, and for all your parties offer water or a punch with 100% fruit juice without added sugar.

Be Safe!

Practice safe pedestrian etiquette; always watch for cars and wear or have the kids wear light colors or reflectors on their costumes. When driving, be cautious about pedestrians and other drivers on this night especially. And if the kids net lots of candy that night, it might be good to do a little inspection to make sure nothing is expired or has allergens to prevent a bad reaction.

Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween SNDA!

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