What do I do with all these leftovers?


Thanksgiving Day may officially be over, but you might the Thanksgiving feast extend into the week with all the leftover dishes and desserts. This surplus of food provides a tremendous opportunity for creating unique, delicious, and healthy combinations. Before defaulting to the old leftovers sandwich, here are a few healthy recipes to maybe inspire new culinary endeavors with your leftovers.

Thanksgiving Salad

Whoever thought of tossing Thanksgiving into a salad? This may be as simple as mixing a few cups of salad greens with your turkey, cranberries, and stuffing, as shown above; or, you can go the extra step and make them into cakes along with some mashed potatoes and serve them with chopped vegetables and nuts.

Thanksgiving Soups

Soups are a wonderfully warm way to enjoy your post-Thanksgiving leftovers.  You can try a more ambitious combination of turkey and side dishes served with mashed potato polpetti. Or, you can go simple with a turkey noodle soup.

Thanksgiving Pizza

I was very excited about this one! A delicious combo of turkey, stuffing, and goat cheese on a bed of cranberry sauce is a most fancy way of making something beautiful with your leftovers. Here are some tips for cooking pizza if you don’t have a pizza oven.



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