Rebel Raiser is live


As you may be well aware of, the passion and goal of SNDA is to educate the community about physical activity and diet and to promote healthy lifestyles for all individuals. We have so far done a fantastic job with this at our Food Day, through classes like the Lunch and Learns, and at community events like the Healthy Kids festival, and coming up next year will be National Nutrition Month and various other opportunities for outreach. What could possibly make us better at what we do? Giant fruit costumes, of course!

Honestly, why wouldn´t you want to be a walking, talking tomato or pineapple?

But  goofiness aside, having amazing costumes like these can really strengthen the message that SNDA communicates. These costumes are real and tangible. They catch attention. Kids will love them. Everyone will see that the message we at SNDA promote can be real and tangible for them, too.

That’s why UNLV SNDA is holding a Rebel Raiser to obtain funds for the purchase of the two costumes above. You, your family, friends, whoever can donate now through the end of this month! The minimum donation is $5, and the overall goal is $2,500.

You may want to know: how can I spread the word about the SNDA Rebel Raiser and get my friends, family, or total strangers to donate? Here are a few suggestions.

Spread it on social media. Hit up Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere! (maybe check if anyone is still hanging out at Myspace!). Make your posts, tweet your tweets, just be sure to include the link:

Make an announcement at your next gathering. Whether it’s a Christmas party, class, work meeting, church service, or whatever else – spread the word there if you can.

Put it on your Christmas list. Perhaps you don’t really need that extra pair of Christmas socks or yodeling pickle on your list. So swap it out with a request for your friends or family to give to the Rebel Raiser.

Make some flyers. Print up pictures of the costumes and fundraising link, and paste them around campus, at your regular Starbucks, or wherever an empty space may be found! (and where you are allowed to put them of course)

So spread the word, Rebels! With enough promotion, we can fulfill our childhood dreams of becoming a tomato and pineapple.

In case you forgot, here is the link!

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