Welcome to Spring 2017!


Welcome back, Rebels! It is a new year, new semester, and new opportunity for achievement. Hopefully you have had a refreshing 4-week vacation and are eager to get back in your routine after such a long break. Or… maybe you are finding it hard to get back into the groove. Maybe you feel like you’re walking in a haze, whether from lack of sleep or simple lack of motivation, or both. The grand feats of waking up early, finishing assignments, running from one errand to the next, or even walking the half mile between classes feels a thousand times harder after weeks of not having to do any of that.

But not to worry: if you can’t find your motivation to keep going strong, from last semester, it may be time to just get out there and create new motivation. Here are a few ideas and opportunities.

Get Involved

  • Join the Southern Nevada Dietetic Association for its next meeting on Tuesday, January 24 at 6 pm for a discussion on important topics in the food industry, including the relationship between human health, animal health, and the environment. The entry fee is $25 if you are not a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • UNLV is starting off the year with plenty of events and activities, including the UNLV Spring Involvement Fair on Wednesday, January 25 from 10 am-2 pm in the Student Union. You can help at the SNDA table and spread the word about healthy living, and also check out the variety of student organizations meeting on campus.
  • UNLV SNDA has many opportunities for members to help out and get involved: on January 26, Goynes Elementary School will host a “New Year, New You” event all about promoting healthy eating and physical activity to entire families. Discussing how to live healthful lifestyles with young children and their families has an especially powerful impact, so if you are passionate about helping kids get healthy then this is an event you should be at.
  • Want to make an impact and save lives? Join SNDA as they partner with United Blood Services for a campus blood drive on Thursday, February 2, at 11 am.
  • Check out the SNDA calendar for more information and upcoming events.

Stay Fit

We already know how difficult it can be to put our fitness goals and resolutions into practice, and even maintaining our current fitness is challenging enough. Fortunately, the UNLV SRWC offers exercise classes daily, helpful for those with some time after or between classes. Next month, the UNLV Student Wellness and Recreation Center will also be hosting the UNLV Wellness Fair, where you can get even more information on healthy living plus tools to measure your health status. It will take place on Thursday, February 23 from 10 am-2 pm. See you there!

Stay smart!

If you kept up the practice of reading, writing, and organizing over the break, you are truly awesome! Otherwise, if you’re like me and haven’t done much of that at all, you might struggle with just holding a pencil now (it’s not just me, right?). Now that classes are back this week but not yet in full swing, try looking at your assignments early and working on them in advance. You can also try journaling for a few days: not to document your day, but to reflect on the past few weeks and maybe write about some of the adventures you’ve had or trips you’ve gone on during that time. It’s a great way to ease back into the practice of academic writing.

Good luck on your studies everyone, and again, welcome back!