Thymes Intro: Welcome to Fall 2017!




We may be already be nearly halfway through the semester, but it is never too late for a warm WELCOME back to UNLV.


Welcome back!

This is your UNLV SNDA Thymes blog, where you will find weekly postings about your favorite topics in health, nutrition, and beyond. We’ll be talking about all kinds of nutrition stuff: new research in nutrition, careers in nutrition, fun facts about nutrition… I could keep going, but you get the idea. There is so much awesome info about nutrition that even the experts are still picking up on new things.

Now that Fall is here, there are so many things we can start diving into. For example, how hard is it to eat healthy during the holidays? Probably at least a hundred times trickier than eating healthy on any normal day, but don’t worry: we’ll be getting into some tips to guide us on ideals like portion control and getting our veggies in (which doesn’t sound like much fun, but trust me – it’ll be fun). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes (like this delicious turkey chili), fun workout ideas, study tips for difficult classes, and certainly all the volunteer  opportunities available on campus and with SNDA.


Seriously, try this.

For this first post, I want to be honest with everyone: it’s been a pretty crazy year. Life has been super kind at times, affording me the opportunity to work and travel and introducing me to new people, new places, and delicious new foods. And then other times, it feels like life kinda just sucker-punched me in the face for no good reason. Cramming for big tests, scaling mountains of homework, and worrying about program applications and going in to work right after while forgetting what the definitions of “fun” and “leisure” even are. On top of everything that’s going on in my personal life and certainly everything going on in our community and in the entire world, I feel like I’m constantly begging life for a break. I know we’re all in the same boat too, some maybe sinking more than others.

But here’s the deal: now more than ever, the world needs the healing and positivity of nutrition. We can use our nutrition passions and knowledge to make such a positive impact on others, and definitely on ourselves. Whether your path is taking you to become a personal trainer, physical therapist, registered dietitian, scientist, writer, businessperson… whatever it is, that knack for health and well-being is sure to radiate onto everyone around you.

So SNDA, let’s make the rest of this year a great one. Let’s share the recipes we love, and the workouts we’re into, study hard, and keep making fun of “nutritionists” and making cheesy jokes about how to “taco” bout it. And let’s keep enjoying and appreciating all things nutrition. And reading the Thymes blog. 🙂


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