How to Enjoy Your Spring Break


Ahhh, S P R I N !


We are gradually coming into the Spring season. Can you believe it snowed just a few weeks ago here in Las Vegas? With Spring coming into full-swing and with the sun shining a little brighter, there are some things to look forward to, like a much needed break!

On the menu for this blog:

  • Destress before and during your midterms
  • Enjoy your spring break… but really, ENJOY it.

We are upon the dreadful time of midterms, aka stress, stress, and more stress. But there is light just right around the corner!


Let’s talk about how to lower our stress levels during this intense time of tests, projects, and deadlines. Here are some ways to manage it:

  1. Eat balanced meals and snacks. It’s so easy to grab the nearest snack available to us during time crunches and times of stress, but this is an important time to eat healthy. With healthy fats, complex carbs, and even dark chocolate, our stress levels will decrease. Increase your brain power and lower your stress levels with avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, and tea, to name a few.
  2. Stay on top of it. Create a calendar and write down all of the items you have due or tests you will be taking this week. Then condense the necessary steps into a day-to-day to-do list. Mark off the steps as needed.
  3. Space out your studying as much as you can. Everyone always tells you this, but try your hardest not to cram! This will overload your brain and body with stress. Instead, study as much in advance as you can, and do not forget to take needed breaks. After about 30-45 minutes of studying a subject, it is important to get up and at least walk around for a minute to realign your mind. You can even switch to a different subject after this for 30-45 minutes and then back to the other. This ensures you are taking in the information you need to without overloading an entire unit of work into your brain at once.
  4. Sleep. Sleep? What’s that? I’m in college full-time and I work full-time, who has time for sleep? Well, it’s time we make room for this very important factor to reduce our stresses and keep our memory sharp for upcoming tests. If you can’t fit those perfect 8 hours in, try to take actions to get a better sleep. You can do this by keeping your eyes off of electronics (phones and laptops) 30-60 minutes before sleeping. Try reading, listening to music, or writing to relax your mind before sleeping.
  5. Stay hydrated. Drink water! Lots of it!
  6. Breath. Most importantly, remember to breath. Sounds silly, I know. But taking deep breaths, especially right before a test, have been known to decrease levels of stress or anxiety. When in doubt, focus on your breath.


“So now that I finished my midterms, it’s Spring Break! But then theres more school in just a week and I have so much coming up right after that!”


Am I the only one who does this?

Look, I don’t really have a list for you on how to enjoy your spring break. Everyone has different interests and takes their breaks differently. My only advice to really enjoy your spring break is to actually take a break. Relax your mind as much as you can, and take in that week without school work. It’s going to get more intense after this time, so it truly is important to have fun, let loose, and relax to the best of your abilities.

But I didn’t have to tell you that, right? 😉

Enjoy your Spring Break, everyone!