Introducing Our Head of Content

Hello there! I wanted to introduce myself as the new Head of Content, the person behind the upcoming blog posts. My name is Megan Turner and I’m a senior in the nutrition program. As a sort of introduction, I wanted to share about one of my passions, childhood nutrition in developing countries.

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This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to serve for two months at a Ugandan school serving orphans and children in need. These children were provided the same meals every single day. A bowl of corn-based porridge with milk for breakfast and beans and posho (corn meal and water) for lunch. Many of the children would only get to eat at school and so instead of excitedly anticipating the weekend, they dreaded the two days they knew they’d go without food.
It was life-changing to see such poverty, such need for better nutrition in an entirely new way. Instead of “how can we limit their intake” the concern was “how can we give them enough to survive”. Malnutrition is a huge problem in Uganda, with over 50% of children under 5 being malnourished.  I was able to research the local foods to see what practical changes could be made to their everyday diet to include essential nutrients for developing children, but I wish I could do more! This experience truly changed my perspective on nutrition and its importance and I couldn’t be more thankful. I hope to be an advocate for children who are in desperate need for better nutrition.
I wanted to share this in order to give us an appreciation for our access to food. The fact that most of us can afford to eat 3 meals a day and that we’ve had the great privilege to taste a variety of foods. We can get fixated on eating the perfect diet, especially as we continue to learn more and more about the science behind the food we eat. I want us to take a step back and just appreciate the simple but amazing gift of access to food. And perhaps be moved to help others who don’t have this access.
Just some food for thought as it can be easy to forget how good we have it!

October 18, 2019

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