Weird Diets: A History

We might think that extreme dieting based off of weird myths is a new concept as we see people eating lollipops to lose weight and drinking a ¼ cup of coconut oil a day (TRUE STORY) but unsupported nutrition recommendations have been around for a while. Enjoy reading through what our ancestors did to lose weight!
Avoiding Swamps Diet: in 1727 a man made the observation that lots of fat people live near swamps. His solution: move away from the swamp to lose weight. Cause and effect? I think yes.
Vision Diet: blue apparently suppresses appetite so wear blue glasses all the time. Logic.
Vinegar Diet: drink lots of vinegar, one cup of tea, and one raw egg a day. You’re welcome digestive system.
19th Century Diet Pills: Speed up the metabolism with a pill containing arsenic! Sounds safe.
Drinking Man’s Diet: I can see why this was popular. Main principle: drink alcohol at every meal without any restriction on vodka or gin. Fun fat: this is known as the first low carb diet.
Cigarette Diet: 1920’s doctors prescribed smoking cigarettes to curb their appetite. “But my doctor said!” Mhm. I just called out doctors giving nutrition advice.
Tapeworm Diet: swallow encapsulated tapeworms to infect your body and eat the extra food you eat. 10/10 would recommend.
Sleeping Beauty Diet: sedate yourself so you sleep for days on end and don’t eat. Elvis Presley was a follower of this trend. I mean I see no flaws in this and I applaud the person who named this diet.
Slimming Soap Diet: use fat-scrubbing soaps like “Fatoff” to scrub all the fat away. I’ve run out of sarcastic comments but I feel like you can think of one yourself.

~ Megan