I Did It!

Most people who talk to me about a marathon say they could never do it. I WAS YOU. I remember doing a 2 mile run in June of 2018 and DYING. it took everything out of me. 


That summer I didn’t have a gym so I started running. I got to 3 miles. 4 miles. 5 miles?! And I was like, if I can start increasing miles, surely it’ll just keep going. Math right?! And then I did a scary thing. I signed up for a half marathon. 13 miles sounded impossible but it was months away so it was something to push aside for a while.
I hated every run. I felt like I was dying. But I was determined to keep at it. So I did. Up until I got to 7 miles, every run was a struggle. Then I passed a certain point and I was like….I get it. I get the runner’s high. I see why people love this (mostly because it didn’t feel like death finally). But I didn’t get that until 6 weeks into running consistently. 
Fast forward to this summer after a break from running. I was like “if I can get from 2 to 13, I can get to 26”. So I did another scary thing. I signed up for a marathon. 
Now this was different. The training required more out of me and up until I was at the start line I couldn’t even imagine running that many miles. But I think there’s something valuable in doing challenging things, things you can’t imagine doing, things that take months of training, things that take you far from your comfort zone. Our bodies were designed to adapt and have the capacity to do AMAZING things. With some perseverance and dedication, we really have limitless potential.  
I didn’t do this for the physical gain, I did this to prove to myself that it was possible. Sure, this built up my physical endurance. But most importantly, it built up my mental endurance. My ability to push through doubt and keep going. Marathon running is more mental than physical. 
I just want to encourage you in whatever way it plays out in your life, challenge yourself! Do the seemingly impossible! Only then can you grow. You can go from 2 miles to 26. From hating every step to getting excited for each run (except you, sprint intervals…I will always hate you). 
People hear 26 miles and they’re like “I could never”. I’m not even that proud of the 26 miles. I’m more proud of the 400+ I did the past 4 months to train for the 26 miles. The early mornings I put on my shoes instead of put on snooze. The times I wanted to quit and decided to finish just one more run. No one will know the mental and physical battles I fought in this process but I genuinely believe it’s made me a more resilient person. 
But I didn’t wake up and do this (and if you can wake up and randomly do a marathon, I hate you…kidding….not kidding). I started from nothing and just kept at it. 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5…..1.5 years later and here I am! I’m here to say that I’m not a special or different breed of human. I just kept going. And you can too!