List of Candidates


  • Sheena Skelton

VP Activities

  • Macy Vezina

VP Communications

  • Marvin M. Lim
  • Natasha Nerika C. Lising


  • Tina Glidewell


  • August Ferree

Candidate: Sheena Skelton

Position Seeking: President

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Hello fellow Rebels! For the past year and half I have been an active member of SNDA, and am extremely grateful for the friendships and opportunities the organization has provided. As our creed states, “By the Students, For the Students,” I would love the chance to make a positive impact by serving as your next SNDA President.

I was born into a United States Air Force (USAF) family in the Philippines and spent 16 years living in various countries to include Panama, Turkey, Japan, and the United States. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University, where I commissioned into the USAF through the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program as an Intelligence Officer. During my 8 years of active duty service, I led and managed intelligence professionals in support of various operations across the globe. My fascination of food and cultural nutrition through my travels, the realization of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through my experiences in the military, and my love of service to others greatly impacted my decision to pursue my dream of a career in dietetics.

I moved to Las Vegas in 2015 and transitioned into the USAF Reserves at Nellis Air Force Base, which allowed me to attend UNLV full-time. In the spring of 2016, I became an active member of SNDA and have been heavily involved with the organization through volunteering in the University and local communities. This past year I had the pleasure of serving as one of your Student Liaisons. As a Student Liaison, I served as a student coordinating authority for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Southern Nevada Dietetics Association, and SNDA to facilitate greater communication and collaboration among these organizations. In addition to SNDA, I am also a student member of the Dairy Council and have focused my time this semester on community nutrition initiatives by volunteering with the dietitian and program coordinators at Three Square and with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Program.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I am seeking the position of SNDA President because I am very passionate about the mission of SNDA, and with my background I believe I can bring new ideas and a different perspective that can further enhance SNDA’s accomplishment of that mission. In looking at my professional record, I have 10 years of leadership experience and the skills necessary to lead and help grow the organization. Most importantly, I am seeking this position because I am dedicated to ensuring the members of SNDA receive every opportunity to develop as professionals in their chosen career paths, serve their community, and have some fun in the process.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

This past year SNDA has made tremendous strides in expanding our organization, significantly improving communications, and providing SNDA with greater visibility in the University and local community. If I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as your President, I would like to not only maintain these implemented practices, but also explore other areas of potential growth in support of SNDA’s mission.

One area I would like to focus on is the development of student relationships with professionals working in health and nutrition career fields. One way to further cultivate these relationships is to reach out to our alumni through the establishment of an alumni program. In addition, we should continue to strengthen our relationship and participation with local professional organizations such as the Southern Nevada Dietetics Association. By providing avenues for students to connect with professionals in the field, it will help to improve SNDA by offering more opportunities for professional development, mentorship, networking, and volunteering.

I would also like to focus on strengthening camaraderie. One way to foster camaraderie is to provide greater opportunities for social activities and increase the use of technology for our members to share their knowledge and experiences. In addition, recognition among peers for student accomplishments must also be a priority to build camaraderie. By creating a sense of belonging, it will help improve SNDA by encouraging greater participation in SNDA and community activities, greater recruitment and retention, which in turn helps to spread SNDA’s mission of educating the public on nutrition and physical activity.

Finally, I also want to promote an environment of open communication of members’ thoughts and ideas on how we can collectively improve the organization. Our organization is full of diverse experiences and backgrounds that influence different points-of-view. I want to encourage the sharing of those viewpoints to generate positive changes that I know will enhance our organization and propel our mission.

Candidate: Macy Vezina

Position: VP of Activities

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

My name is Macy Vezina and I’m a fourth year student here at UNLV. As a freshman, I entered college as a declared Chemistry major. I always loved the idea of working in a lab doing research. However, after my freshmen year, I was in a catastrophic car accident leaving me temporarily incapable of walking or doing daily activities. Through this experience, I learned the medical capabilities of nutrition. The silver lining in this experience was that it showed me how passionate I was about health and wellness. I immediately changed my major to nutrition and haven’t looked back since. I have one more year left in the nutrition program and would love to spend it leading SNDA activities around campus. Over the past year, I participated as part of the Food Day committee, presented at SNDA’s Lunch & Learns and volunteered with AFAN. Additionally, I volunteered at the UNLV Wellness Fair, in UNLV Sport’s kitchen, and ran in SNDA’s color run. I am also a weekly dietary volunteer at Southern Hills Hospital.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

SNDA has allowed me to foster friendships and opportunities that I didn’t have prior to joining this organization. SNDA brought me into the Las Vegas nutrition community and helped me connect more to UNLV’s campus. As VP of Activities I will help create the same opportunity for other students. I want other students to have the chance to immerse themselves in activities with peers and feel as if they are becoming part of something larger. Creating my own bonds and connections over the past year has inspired me to want to play a larger role in SNDA as an officer.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

As an officer, I want to create fun hands-on experiences that SNDA members can enjoy while working with their peers. In addition, I want to find a way to take ideas for activities, on days such as Food Day, from the SNDA members. I also want to continue building an atmosphere that increases SNDA membership. Some of the ideas I also have for SNDA relate to the activities planned throughout the year. For example, for next year’s Food Day, we could have a Shop Smart or Grocery Guide to help students buy affordable, healthy and easy-to-prepare foods. During National Nutrition Month, we could emphasize healthy food choices among different cultures. I hope my ideas can help grow member interest and continue to allow students to build connections on campus.

Candidate: Marvin M. Lim

Position Seeking: VP of Communications

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

  • Born in the Philippines, raised in California – Bay area.
  • Served in US Navy for 9 years (7 active and 2 reserves).
  • 10 years experience as an information technician.
  • 3 years fitness trainer for military personnel.
  • Involved in FaVE – teaching elementary kids about fruits and veggies.
  • Enjoy running, swimming, and hiking.
  • Favorite past time – bonfire with family and friends.

Why are you seeking this officer position?

  • To assist SNDA committee with organizing and planning.
  • Build camaraderie between students.
  • Build better connections between students and community.
  • Continue legacy that prior SNDA committees have developed.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

  • Update, improve, and maintain website and social media.
  • Strengthen relationships between students, staffs, and local dietitians.
  • Establish volunteering opportunities to SNDA members to better understand individuals’ strengths and passion to prepare for future endeavors as a dietitian.

Candidate: Natasha Nerika C. Lising

Position Seeking: VP of Communications

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Hi, I’m Natasha Lising and I am running to be your VP of Communications for the UNLV SNDA 2017-2018 term. I’m a full-time nutrition student, but in my free time, I am a social media influencer on the web. I am very tech-savvy and skilled on the usage of many social media platforms, as well as editing photos, writing clever captions, and marketing and promoting events. I have been an active member in UNLV’s SNDA and was the Chair of Design last semester; I have helped with decorating the bulletin boards in our classroom as well making flyers and banners for our events! Aside from school, I spend my time volunteering at Sunrise Hospital where I work on projects for their nutrition department. I have also managed an online shop for the past 4 years, and it has taught me a lot about how to keep up with the trends, how to catch the audience’s attention, how to be organized, and how to be patient. I have always been passionate in what I do, and I’m hoping that with these skills, I can help promote nutrition in fun and creative ways! If you give me the opportunity to become Vice President of Communications for UNLV SNDA, I will strive in continuing to create awesome content that will grab your attention and please your aesthetics. I’ll also try not to “bore” you with my enthusiasm, haha. *wink*

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I would love to become the Vice President of Communications for UNLV SNDA so that I could be more involved by promoting nutrition-related events and tips to our students and our community, with appealing displays and designs.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

As Vice President of Communications, I will strive to change the vision of promoting nutrition with up-to-date, yet appropriate designs, that are currently trending. With social media being big in today’s time, it is important that every message is appealing to the eye and not plain to where it is skipped to be read. I will make everything simple, easy to understand, straight to the point, and also an attention grabber. I will also be switching up the bulletin boards’ themes according to the semester’s season, as well as making the event posters and flyers, and updating UNLV SNDA’s social media handles with updates, photos, beneficial tips, and funny relatable memes!

Candidate:  Tina Glidewell

Position Seeking: Treasurer

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

I am a nontraditional nutrition student preparing to start my senior year.  Before pursuing a second degree, I worked in finance for a local charter school and a payroll company.  I am happily married and a mother of two.  This past year I have volunteered on numerous occasions with the UNLV SNDA.  I worked closely with Dillon Martin, our current president, and organized two events: goodie bags for the children at Shade Tree and making holiday cards for the senior adults living at Nevada Hand.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I am seeking this officer position because I want to continue the visions and growth of the current UNLV SNDA officers, while putting my ideas and those of the new officers in to action.  I look forward to the exciting future of the UNLV SNDA.  I know this will be a great year to reach more people with nutrition education in the community and I would love to be a part of that.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

I will focus on making fundraising more interactive.  One of my goals is to have a profit share meal every month with a wide variety of venue locations.  I will diligently prepare the budget for CSUN and any other entities that we could possibly receive funding from.  The bigger our budget the more we can do for the community and our members.

Candidate Name: August Ferree

Position Seeking: Secretary

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Hey guys! My name is August and I am running for Secretary of SNDA for the 2017-2018 academic year. I just wanted to start out by sharing a little bit about myself. I was homeschooled for a large part of my school life and during that time, my parents were able to influence my interest in nutrition, even at such a young age. During my first year in college, I began experiencing a vast assortment of health problems and became very sick. I knew I wanted to use food as a way for me to naturally heal my body, so I decided I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. The more I discovered, the more passionate I became, and that is when I made the decision to pursue nutrition as a lifelong career and passion. This led me to UNLV’s Nutrition program where I am currently a Junior. I plan to apply for the Dietetic Internship next year and become a Registered Dietitian, and then go on to obtain a Master’s degree in Nutrition through UNLV’s new Master’s program (which I am very excited about!). My ultimate goal is to ignite the same passion that I have for nutrition, health, and wellness in other people.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I have been a member of SNDA since I started at UNLV three years ago and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities it has allowed me to be apart of. Because of SNDA, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with many incredible organizations within the community and have established lasting relationships with many of the students and faculty at UNLV. Through SNDA, I have volunteered for the Healthy Kids Festival, Three Square, and SNDA Food Day. I have also had the opportunity to become a weekly volunteer in the dietary department for Southern Hills Hospital.   This coming fall I will enter my final year as an undergraduate student, and I want to step up as a leader and become even more involved in our organization. Through my organizational skills, proficient communication, and positive mindset, I believe that the Secretary position fits me and my vision for SNDA perfectly.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

In the past three years that I have been with SNDA, I have watched it grow more and more, with each year reaching new heights and milestones. As Secretary, I want to be able to continue that legacy and expand on what our previous officers and members have set into motion for our organization. Through this, I promise to continue to apply three objectives: open communication, consistent organization, and a passion for health and nutrition. These are three things that are important to me in my personal life and I know are important to SNDA and its members as well.

As Secretary, I believe good communication is necessary. I will strive to maintain open communication between students and faculty, as well as, other organizations across campus and the community. My aim is to be positive and approachable, deliver important information, and maintain a fun, efficient, and consistent email communication with all the SNDA members.

I also believe that the Secretary should be well organized. I want to be able to formulate improved ways to accurately log hours in a way that is easier for our members and more organized on my end. I intend to safety maintain all member records and remain on top of all communication, schedules, and volunteer opportunities in order to produce consistent and informational content to SNDA members.

As Secretary, I also promise to uphold the number one reason why we are all here: our passion for health and nutrition. We are all so blessed to be apart of a community of people that shares a similar mindset and vision and can continuously help each other grow within our field. I am ready to see everything that is in store for SNDA in this coming year, and I hope you will vote for me as your Secretary so we can continue to encourage each other, learn from one another, and thrive together as an organization.