“By the Students, for the Students”

This is the UNLV SNDA creed, as we work to empower members towards leadership, networking, and volunteering; and right now we have new opportunities for members.

The new UNLV SNDA Executive Board has appointed Committees and Committee Chairs for the 2016-2017 school year.

As we enter a term that will pioneer new elements of our constitution, these appointed members will help to develop and strengthen the culture of our organization while honing their leadership skills.

  • Service ChairErika Mox
  • National Nutrition Month Chair: Estefania Herrera
  • National Nutrition Month Committee: Natalia Hafich, Suzy McClain, Grace McDonald, & Lisamarie Tomassetti
  • Food Day Chair: Kimberly Scarlett
  • Food Day Committee: Shannon Gist, Arsema Hawariat, & Macy Vezina
  • SNDAces Chairs: Aaron Calvano & Ashley Miller
  • Fundraising Chair: Rewina Tsegay
  • Fundraising Committee: Meagan Levitt, Sasipa Tipwong, & Chandler Higgins
  • Chair of Design: Natasha Lising
  • Media/Historians: Rebecca Richter & Phillip Washington
  • Active Member Awards Ceremony Chair: Jamie Carter
  • Active Member Awards Ceremony Committee: Sahar Fayad & Shannon Gist
  • Head of Content: Emily Masek
  • Academy Liaisons: Sheena Skelton & Julie Sora Lee