Become an SNDA Officer!

Any current SNDA member is eligible to run for a position. The term will officially start May 13th 2017 and last until the end of the Spring Semester 2018. New officers will  receive guidance  from existing officers and there will be a mandatory handover meeting for all new and past officers at a best place and time after May 13th.


Good Luck! We look forward to a having a great election cycle!

Per SNDA Bylaws:

The UNLV SNDA Executive Officer positions will be open to all members who wish to declare themselves as candidates. The Board of Officers positions include: President, Vice President of Activities, Vice President of Communications, Treasurer, and Secretary. The elected Board of Officers will maintain their positions for one year and are expected to perform their duties, as necessary, throughout the summer and winter breaks.

Every year, between April and May, the UNLV SNDA must hold an election to vote in a new board of Executive Officers. Campaigning rules and regulations will be determined by the sitting Board, as is appropriate. The voting will take place via an online, anonymous vote. Individuals running for a position on the board must win by receiving the majority vote casted by the organization’s members. All members, regardless of status, may only cast one vote per position. In the case of a tie, voting deadlines may be extended until a single candidate obtains the majority vote.

Application & Election Dates

Start Accepting Applications – March 24th @ 7:00 a.m.

Application Submission Deadline – Friday March 31st @ 11:59 p.m.

  • Must have your application letter and photo submitted via email by this date and time.
  • Please attach the letter and photo as 2 attachments. In other words send us the original photo from your photo or camera so that we can have a good quality image.

Announce Candidates Running for Positions – Saturday April 1st

  • We’ll send out an email announcement of the members who are running for positions and all the bios and pictures will be posted to the SNDA website.

Campaign Period – Saturday April 1st at 5:00 p.m. – Sunday April 16th @ 11:59 p.m.

  • Candidates are allowed to make flyers, speak in nutrition classes, post on social media, and use other creative strategies to let members know you are interested in the position. All campaigning must be kept positive.
  • Remember that the 10th – 14th is Spring Break so few people will be on campus but emails and socials media campaigning are perfectly acceptable.

Online Voting Opens – Monday April 17th @ 8:00 a.m.

Online Voting Closes – Tuesday April 18th @ 11:59 p.m.

Announcement of New Officers – Wednesday April 19th

how to apply

  1. Download the Application Template
  2. Email the completed application along with a photo headshot of yourself to sndapresident@unlv.nevada.edu
  3. The application letter and photo will be emailed to members at the start of the campaign period and will also be placed on our website. SELL YOUR IDEAS and YOURSELF!
  4. If you have questions about any position then ask a current officer; we are excited to answer any questions.

Positions Available

There are 5 officer positions available. A complete description of each position can be downloaded here: https://unlvsnda.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/2016-2017-officer-positions.pdf

The general duties and responsibilities are outlined in this section. Board members are expected to perform additional duties as necessary.


Will act as presiding officer, supervisor of all projects, and be the official representative of the organization. The president will lead the organization by: delegating tasks to officers and members, serving as the organization liaison between faculty and students, presiding over all meetings, preparing the agenda for all organizational officer and member meetings, marketing the organization, and by coordinating communication between SUES, OCED and CSUN and the Division of Health Sciences.

Vice President of Activities

Will coordinate the Internship Workshop in collaboration with UNLV SNDA President. The Vice President of Activities will also provide volunteer opportunities and speaker/topic ideas for member meetings. It will be the duty of the Vice President of Activities to spearhead planning of National Food Day (Fall) & National Nutrition Month (Spring), by creating and managing a master event timeline. The Vice President of Activities will also lead/attend event meetings pertaining to these two major events, as well as oversee chairs, and assist with committee and volunteer recruitment for the events. Lastly, the Vice President of Activities will, along with the President, serve as point of contact for Student Union Event Services.

Vice President of Communications

Will oversee display and design responsibilities within the Department of Nutrition Sciences, update social media, maintain UNLV SNDA official website, update calendar of events, and oversee production of the UNLV SNDA Newsletter.


Will create and maintain the membership list, as well as manage and approve all UNLV SNDA financial transactions.


Will disseminate information to the membership, maintain electronic copy of all records, handouts and forms, and take minutes for both member and officer meetings. It will also be the Secretary’s duty to oversee that all Active Member mandatory hours are logged accurately, and with the utmost confidentiality.