SNDA President: 
  • Brianna Davis
  • Alicia Williams
VP of Activities: 
  • Delia Ramirez
VP of Communications:
  • Bekah Manning
  • Delancey Dessaints-Prince
  • Erica Calva
SNDA Treasurer:
  • Brittney Rench
SNDA Secretary:
  • Ashley Bermudez
  • Enrique Nieto



Position: President

Candidate: Alicia Williams


Hello, my name is Alicia Williams. I am applying for SNDA President 2019 – 2020. To start, my passion with health and healthy food is the very essence in what I believe is beneficial to everyone. When I was a child, I was the weird kid eating mushrooms and broccoli. I have my mother to thank for all the healthy enrichment she provided for me because she works in the medical field. She never allowed me to eat sugared cereals or processed food. I am fortunate that I had that knowledge early so that I could be healthy throughout my life. I truly believe “we are what we eat” and it is my life’s passion to share my knowledge with others and help people through healthy lifestyle changes

On my spare time, I love educating children about the importance of healthy food and horticulture. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to children about balanced meals and the nutrition profession at Doral Elementary School. I’ve assisted directors with the Junior Master Garden Program at UNCE. I’ve led the children’s garden demonstration at Healthy Kids Festival. I also assist patients playing bingo that have disabilities. I have also volunteered at events provided by SNDA; Southern Hills Balloon Festival, Healthy Kids Festival, JDRF Summit, Three Square and Friends with Donuts. I absolutely love volunteering and helping others.

I have always worked hard and have been fortunate to come into leadership roles. I was a Level IV Color Specialist at Toni and Guy in Houston, TX. During that time, I received my credentials to be an educator teaching to students. I managed their required practical, graded, and consulted when they were ready to work full time. Teaching also included being a role model, teaching new techniques to co-workers, and participating in every event.

Why are you seeking this officer position?

I have been Service Chair 2017 – 2018 and 2018 – 2019. Prior to accepting this role, my goal was to meet people in my field and be more involved. I feel blessed to have met some remarkable people in class and through volunteer opportunities. I hope to extend my role as SNDA President to encourage leadership and be involved in the community. I would strive to improve the desired officer position(s) with the following ideas for 2019 – 2020.

What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?I want to extend myself as an open book, as I’ve done previously. I feel we are more united when we share information. I personally, want to teach fellow members about horticulture and sustainability because I am passionate about the importance of teaching children where food comes from. My ideas would be to teach a 5 min session about horticulture; worm composting, planting, pruning trees, and simple ways to incorporate gardening at home. I would love to raffle a worm composting kit! Also, I feel sustainability is an important issue. In general, I want to keep SNDA events sustainable by creating less garbage. I would promote biodegradable forks and spoons and I think it would be great way to encourage recycling and promote on campus composting and recycling initiatives. I also want to educate about all aspects of wellness. I would love to have fellow students talk about their profession and give fellow members education advice. For example; there are a few members that teach athletics. It would be great for them to share tips on how to do a proper deadlift etc. I would also like to have a student in the internship program or recent graduate talk about their experiences after graduation. I feel the more advice nutrition students get the better we can prepare ourselves for the future. Lastly, I would try to make volunteer hours required by certain classes valid for SNDA hours. I experienced many students not knowing graded volunteer hours were not valid and other members struggling to get hours beyond what was expected in class. I hope that you consider me for President because I would really like to implement these ideas.

Position: President

Candidate: Brianna Davis

IMG_1160-1Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Being in a military family, I traveled a lot and was fortunate to experience many cultures. After graduating high school in Las Vegas, I moved to Reno where I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology. During my time in Reno, I gave nutrition presentations to elementary school children; this ultimately fueled my fascination in nutrition.  Upon returning to school to study nutrition, I became involved in different organizations and began volunteering to meet new people.  I also became a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which gave me scholarship opportunities and access to interest groups that align with my future career goals.  On campus, I am a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the UNLV Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association.  Focusing my efforts on UNLV SNDA, I began volunteering for events and ultimately landed my positions as the Food Day chair in 2017, and the President during the 2018-2019 school year.  The experience and networking opportunities provided by SNDA are truly invaluable.  I have volunteered with UNLV Athletics on various health initiatives, given nutrition presentations to Greek Organizations, and managed all of the events that SNDA has put on during the 2018-2019 school year.  Off campus, I have been an intern at Three Square Food Bank where my focus was to increase student participation in the National School Breakfast Program.  I organized events (complete with games and prizes) that aimed to teach children the importance of eating a balanced breakfast before school.  I even had the chance to collaborate with a school in the Las Vegas valley on a Breakfast Public Service Announcement…check it out here!  www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMpgsEkTi38 

With my experience at Three Square Food Bank, I was given the opportunity to take on a position as a nutrition educator for Three Square.  I now teach low-income and food-insecure seniors about the importance of healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.  All of these opportunities have been forged through my active involvement with SNDA. I would love to continue paying it forward as the president for 2019-2020 school year.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I am seeking the position of president because I want to continue offering opportunities to SNDA members that this organization has brought to me.  Running for a second year means that I am well-versed in organizing events, delegating tasks, and leading member meetings.  I want to leave a lasting impression, and want my peers to feel as though I have done everything I could to support them.

 What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

I would like to focus on increasing member participation and involvement in SNDA events.  Having greater involvement at events means that other organizations see our impact and the purpose we serve.  I also want to collaborate with more organizations on campus.  UNLV Dining Services would be a great place to start. I would like to collaborate in efforts to bring more awareness to healthy eating and promote sustainability. This would be a unique opportunity for our organization (not to mention our members!), and I would love the opportunity to make it happen. Lastly, I would like to continue the scholarship I started during the 2018-2019 school year.  I feel that being able to offset tuition expenses for a student would decrease the amount of stress that we as students are already under.  With all of these ideas, I would like the opportunity to continue my presidency, represent our organization in a professional capacity, and help further the creed of SNDA: By the Students, for the Students.

Position: VP Activities

Candidate: Delia Sosa

screen-shot-2019-04-02-at-2.02.39-pm-e1554239410342.pngTell us a little about yourself: I was born in Los Angeles California but grew up in Henderson, Nevada. In high school I fell in love with cooking, where I became President of the cooking club, traveling all over Nevada doing cooking competitions. After High school I attended the International Culinary Institute of Las Vegas where I went off to become a Sous Chef. The importance of nutrition was always something very prevalent to me. Being in the kitchen can keep you from making or serving healthy foods. After losing my mother to cancer and becoming pregnant with my daughter, nutrition became one of the most important things in my life. I made the decision to go back to school and get my bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics. I began to volunteer all over the city and became a member of SNDA in 2017. I worked in the fundraising and National Nutrition Month Committees during 2018-2019. Falling in love with the community and the need there is for promoting nutrition set me in the direction for a new job.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?I am currently a Life Skills Mentor and Health Advocate in a rehab facility. I work with clients to assist them in rebuilding their skills on a one on one and as a group, teaching nutrition and cooking classes. Working with the occupational, physical and speech therapist along the way, helps make this possible. I also coordinate their activities and outings while working together with different groups in the city to accommodate clients with limitations. In this process I have also become a qualified brain injured specialist, where I have learned counseling skills and have seen emotional and eating disorders first hand. I am passionate about helping and supporting others reach their healthiest potential. Every person, as an individual has different goals at how they want to better their lives and I am here to help them reach it. What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?My goal is to become a registered dietician where I can council and champion for those who cannot do it for themselves. In my spare time I like to travel to different countries, do yoga, run and spend time with my family and seven pets.

Position: VP Communications

Candidate: Erica Calva

screen-shot-2019-04-02-at-2.02.12-pm-e1554239748445.pngTell us a little about yourself: I was born in Los Angeles, Ca but been raised here in Las Vegas. Graduated from College of Southern Nevada with my Associates in Science and moved on to becoming a dental assistant. While working with patients I started to realize how much help they needed with not just their oral health but their overall health. That is one of the reasons why my career plan drifted over to nutrition. Not to mention I was on the route to joining the service when a health condition prevented me from getting accepted and since then I believed that food can heal anyone and there are ways to prevent many health conditions. I recently joined the UNLV ARMY ROTC program in which teaches me to become a better leader and know how to work under pressure and most importantly how to work with others. I am also a part of SNDA since 2017 in which I have been able to participate in events such as Boo Bash, Food Day, and National Nutrition Month.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position? Becoming an SNDA Officer will give me the opportunity to spread the knowledge of the importance in nutrition. I believe that keeping everyone informed is very important and a great way to let others know about SNDA. I would like to expand my leadership skills in other areas of my career to be able to communicate with people to come and join our organization. Also, learn from others as far in what kind of change they would like to see in our organization and in ways to getting more people to join. This position will give me the opportunity to have a better experience in leading others for when I become an Officer of the United States Army.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position? I believe that communication is extremely important and being able to find different ways to socialize is also a way to get people interested. I would like to make more videos of the organization to attract others to join. Also, give members the opportunity to shine within our association because valuing them will encourage them to volunteer more and feel important.

Position: VP Communications

Candidate: Rebekah (Bekah) Manning


Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

My name is Bekah, and I want to be your next VP of Communications! I will soon be a senior in the DPND program at UNLV, and I am an aspiring dietitian. Acquiring this position would be an amazing challenge for me to implement into my schedule, and I would have fun doing it. I love working with people and I love to create. Not to mention, I would be brushing up on my social media skills all while getting out to even more on-campus and off-campus events. I aspire to bring fun and engaging aspects to SNDA’s social medias, bulletin boards, and other creative activities.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I would like to be in this position in order to connect more with the community and my peers. It would be a fun and challenging way to engage myself and others in the nutrition world. I am easy to talk to and communicate with and I love to create, which will hopefully get people excited to interact with the creativeness of the activities this position overlooks.

 What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

If chosen for this position, I will focus on consistently posting to SNDA’s social media accounts, all while keeping parts of the website and the several bulletin boards up-to-date. I will attend as many events as possible to take photos to post to the accounts and keep people engaged and excited about nutrition! I hope to accomplish attracting more people to join SNDA and get out into the community through the use of social media and other promotional techniques. I hope to build fun, creative activities to make new additions to the (already awesome) displays we have in our building and classroom. I would like these ideas to encourage students to participate more and for more people to join SNDA! It is such a great organization, and it just keeps getting better! It would bring me happiness to be able to continually say that I was a helpful and inspirational part of this association.

Position: VP Communications

Candidate: Delancey Dessaints-Prince

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 2.03.22 PM

 Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Hi SNDA! I’m a rising junior in the Nutrition program, with a special interest in the gut microbiome and preventative health. I graduated from the University of Southern California (Fight on!) in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations & a minor in Nutrition & Health Promotion. My first undergrad experience was a lifechanging journey – in the summer of 2014 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder, which forced me to reevaluate my lifestyle choices. By my senior year, I was so fascinated with nutrition (and so eager to help others) I decided to move home and pursue my RD license here at UNLV. Nevertheless, PR still holds a special place in my heart. I love talking marketing strategies and social media algorithms! I joined SNDA as a freshman and currently serve as our fundraising chair, overseeing projects such as our Food Day raffle as well as our FRIENDS inspired T-shirts. I work part-time as a kitchen assistant and blog in my free time. I love CrossFit, reading (science or fiction) and binge-watching the Food Network.

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

I’ve enjoyed serving as the club’s fundraising chair and am ready for new challenges! I would be happy to contribute my PR knowledge and help strengthen our image as an organization both on and off campus.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

I want to continue growing our social media presence, not only to document our history, but also to construct a credible image for our organization. My focus will be twofold – one eye on optimizing communication between our members, and another on piquing the interest of potential new members. I want to pick up where Becky left off, learning from her experiences and ensuring a smooth transition into the new school year. I also have a knack for crafting and hope to showcase that passion through our BHS boards!

 Position: Treasurer

Candidate: Brittney Rench


Tell Us a Little About Yourself: 

I have been a part of SNDA for two years now. On top of school, work, and volunteering at the Hospital I have learned how to manage my time well. I have always enjoyed organizing and budgeting. In the past year as the current Treasurer of SNDA, I have helped Brianna (the president) set up and achieve a rebel raiser of $1,000. This was a goal we had to provide a scholarship to one of our members. Additionally, I have helped orchestrate and achieve goals set by fundraising. Most recently, we have designed and sold our goal number of shirts!

Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

This past year has helped me learn so much. From how to work as a team to how to manage my time. Being an officer will continue to help me grow as a professional. I believe the Treasurer position will continue to utilize my organizational, time management, and budgeting skills. Also, I still have many goals that I would like to achieve as the SNDA Treasurer.

What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

I would continue to organize memberships, transactions, and finances. Additionally, I would like to help the fundraising committee create and organize fundraisers including restaurants, froyo, t shirts, and others that will help raise money for SNDA use.


Position: Secretary

Candidate:  Ashley Bermudez


Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

Hi, my name is Ashley Bermudez and I was born and raised right here in Las Vegas. I previously studied at CSN where I took my first nutrition class and loved it. It never dawned on me that I could pursue it as a career until nutrition-related health issues started to arise within my family, so began my journey at UNLV.

I have been an active member of the SNDA for a year now. I have also been involved on campus through UNLVolunteers programs where I have helped to prepare sack lunches for the homeless and helped clean the campus garden. Outside of campus, I have volunteered with Three Square food bank and Meals on Wheels.

I’m a total foodie and when I’m not studying, I like to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen and try new restaurants around town. Getting outdoors is important to me as well.

 Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?

Being a part of SNDA has allowed me to connect with my peers and community in a positive way. I want to be able to continue this connectedness and give back by serving in a leadership position. My previous work experience includes quality control in office and laboratory settings, where it is vital to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to manage time effectively and efficiently. I believe this experience puts me in a good position to carry out the duties of secretary.

 What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

As secretary, I would like to uphold the high quality of communication that currently exists to keep our members up to date on happenings, meetings, and in the know about volunteer opportunities that are available. I understand that some members cannot attend meetings, so this communication is critical in order to keep us functional and to keep members active.


Candidate Name: Enrique Nieto


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.47.20 PMTell Us a Little About Yourself:

I am proudly from North Las Vegas, Nevada. I graduated from Canyon Springs High school and not long ago earned my Associate’s degree from CSN. I have always had an affinity for food at a young age and was more than willing to try my luck in the kitchen. Not only that, but I’ve always been aware and careful of what I put into my body. It felt suitable and natural for me to pursue nutrition. UNLV SNDA has better connected me with this and helped me in pursuing my goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

After graduating from high school, I have volunteered my time with various organizations such as the Latino Youth Leadership Conference, the Hawaii Humane Society, the Hawaii Food Kitchen, and Hawaii Special Olympics just to name a few. Giving back has becoming a way of life for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Currently I am involved with the UNLV Boxing Club and UNLV Rebel Vets Organization. I recently traveled during the Spring break to the state capitol with the Rebel Vets to lobby for bills that would not only benefits student veterans, but all students in Nevada. I have been an active member of SNDA since last semester and I have volunteered with their Food Day event and the UNLV Food Pantry.  

On my free time I enjoy finding a quaint little coffee shop to read, I like to box, run, love to hike and connect with nature, cook, try new local restaurants, and spend time with my dogs.


Why Are You Seeking this Officer Position?


It would be a privilege to contribute my part to this unique organization that gives back to our community as an SNDA Officer. I love and have a passion for nutrition, food, giving back, this city and university so it is ideal for me to be become one. As an SNDA Officer in my senior year, I will continue to hold myself to the highest of standards that new, as well as up-and-coming, SNDA members can emulate and improve upon. My adaptability, metal endurance, unselfishness, and enthusiasm will help me better connect with fellow members and peers. Together we will raise the profile of this organization, which will assist in retaining current members and recruiting new ones that can bring a diversity of innovating ideas.


What Ideas or Changes Will You Bring to SNDA and Your Position?

I will continue to uphold the outstanding reputation and standards of SNDA and the Secretary position. I love the idea of collaborating with other organizations on and off campus. This will open the doors to a greater diversity of volunteer opportunities and will build relations, too. It will also allow us to educate others and spread our nutrition values that we hold ourselves to for healthier, longer, happy lives. My involvement with other organizations and clubs on campus gives me an edge to better build those relations that will further contribute to SNDA’s awareness.