List of Candidates

  • President
    • Brianna Davis
  • VP Activities
    • Sierra Kuno
    • McKenzie Mayor
    • Bradford Solomon
  • VP Communications
    • Rebecca Richter
  • Treasurer
    • Brittney Rench
  • Secretary
    • Denise Warner


Position: President

Candidate: Brianna Davis

Brianna Davis Photo.JPG

Tell us a little about yourself: 
Growing up in a military family, I had the privilege of experiencing a variety of cultures and cuisines at a young age.  After graduating high school in Las Vegas, I attended the University of Nevada, Ren
o, where I received my bachelor’s in biology.  During my time in Reno, I was a pre-dental student, and gave presentations to elementary school students about the importance of proper nutrition and how those decisions affect oral hygiene.  This fueled my fascination with nutrition and wellness, and I decided to make my health a priority in life. After working for a couple of years, and with the encouragement of family, I decided to go back to school to study nutrition.

My involvement with UNLV SNDA has given me many opportunities to be active in the Las Vegas community.  Being a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has given me scholarship opportunities, as well as the chance to interact with other student members with likeminded goals.  I have had the pleasure of interning at Three Square Food Bank, where my primary focus has been increasing student participation in the National School Breakfast Program. I get to hold special events at CCSD schools complete with games and prizes, and teach students why it is important to eat breakfast before starting the day at school.  On campus, I have volunteered with UNLV Athletics on various health initiatives, given nutrition presentations to UNLV Greek organizations, and served as your Food Day Chair for the Fall 2017 semester. I am glad to be a part of an organization that wants to see its members succeed, and want to carry this approach into the 2018-2019 school year.  All of these opportunities have helped me become the hard-working and committed individual that seeks your vote for president.

Why are you seeking this officer position?
I am seeking the position of president because I have innovative ideas on how SNDA can serve its members.  I want to be a president that serves as a resource for all SNDA members on all career paths, and I believe my ideas will help members in whatever paths they choose. 

I feel that I have the necessary organizational skills to lead SNDA, represent our organization in a professional capacity, and help further the creed of SNDA: “By the Students, for the Students.”

What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?
My focus for the 2018-2019 school year would be member retention and involvement, and organization expansion.  I would like to implement a program for SNDA members that would connect pre-Nutrition students with students already in the Nutrition Program, opening lines for communication and inclusivity within the organization. My aim with this initiative is to get more students active and involved in SNDA and community affairs.

 Additionally, I would like to continue working with other organizations on campus with similar missions in efforts to expand UNLV SNDA’s realm of influence, and make people more aware of what we do.  I believe collaborating with other organizations could help in establishing relationships and long-term volunteer opportunities for those interested.

In seeking your vote for president, it is my goal to ensure that all voices are heard, and focus on initiatives that directly benefit the members of UNLV SNDA.


Position: VP Activities

Candidate: Sierra Kuno

Sierra Kuno PhotoTell us a little about yourself:
Hello, my name is Sierra Kuno and I am from Cheyenne, Wyoming. After growing up in a small town of open prairie for most of my life I was ready to explore somewhere new and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015. Before moving to the city, I was an active soccer player for Laramie County Community College. Being an active athlete is something I have done my whole life.

While playing soccer I fractured my foot and had to go through surgery and was not sure if I was going to be able to walk right again let alone play soccer. When I realized I was unable to perform in competitive soccer anymore I decided it was time to find a career in something other than athletics. This is when nutrition and health sparked an interest.  

Once moving to Nevada, I initially thought about going into kinesiology/physical therapy, however I enrolled into nutrition as a path that fit the active and healthy lifestyle I pursued in soccer. Almost instantly I fell in love with the major as well as the field and furthermore my love for nutrition and the health sciences keeps expanding. My passion for health and fitness is something I want to spread to other individuals and create a fun and healthy social environment for everyone.

Being an active member of the student nutrition and dietetic association as well as a former committee member for National Nutrition Month including weekly volunteering in the community of Las Vegas which has really grown on me. Involvement in SNDA and the community service hours has helped me create friendships and unforgettable experiences that I wish to explore to the fullest.     

Why are you seeking this officer position?
After reviewing the job position I can tell that you are looking for a candidate that is well organized, has great communication skills, and is a team leader. Given these requirements I believe I have the skills necessary to excel at all those categories and perform above expectations. Being an active member at Three Square and Case De Luz Church I am familiar with volunteer work and I love getting involved and giving back to the community. I feel that I would be a good candidate for this position because I have great leadership skills, I love working with others, individually and as a group, I am well organized, familiar with event planning, and I have excellent communication skills.  I want to spread my love for nutrition to other individuals and create a healthy social environment for everyone here in Nevada as well as further expand my knowledge in the field I’ve grown to love.

What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?
The opportunity to be engaged as an active VP activity member for SNDA would allow me to bring changes such as planning and creating active fun events as well as sharing with the community my passion for nutrition plus helping others develop a healthy lifestyle. With the appropriate approach and effective event planning I think the importance of nutrition can be brought forth in multiple ways. With a positive attitude, friendly personality, plus strong networking, I strongly believe that I can help SNDA bring active members to events and allow awesome volunteer opportunities which can help further advance our field. I plan on improving nutritional awareness as well as spreading the word on events and volunteer opportunities. I would plan for events accordingly and will work hard to make sure events are advertised effectively. My main goal is to increase awareness of the nutrition field, educate individuals on how to add a variety of nutrients into their own personalized diet, and to stay active. Eating nutritious food and getting more active is something I want to make fun and easy as well as motivate everyone to be able to enjoy nutriton as much as I do. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the VP of activities role for SNDA. I believe strongly that if you choose me for the VP position I will exceed at all of my previously stated goals.


Candidate: McKenzie Mayor

McKenzie Mayor PhotoTell us a little about yourself: 
My name is McKenzie Mayor. I was born and raised in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently finishing my junior year in the Nutrition program at UNLV. If you know about my life outside of school, you know that food remains my ultimate passion- I’m always learning, eating, cooking, and teaching others new recipes as well as the important role food plays in the body. Ive been loving my experience as a Volunteer Chef for Green Our Planet, where I aim to excite students and parents about the simple ways to prepare healthy and delicious meals at home that can come straight from the garden. After traveling to 20 different countries, I’ve developed a strong interest in culture and strive to combine my love for food and art with my future career as a dietitian. I plan on working in the food industry as well as with non-profit organizations to help lower the number of food-insecure individuals and increase access to healthful foods by promoting nutritional and environmental education. 

Why are you seeking this officer position?
Without SNDA, I wouldnt be where I am today. The experiences Ive gained since becoming a member have opened doors to the amazing opportunities I am currently a part of. Working as a volunteer for various organizations and events has led me to pursue my interest in helping others as the VP of Activities. After serving as a committee member for Food Day 2017, Boo Bash 2017, and National Nutrition Month 2018, it has been and will continue to be a pleasure of mine to participate in these important events. Through my experience with these 3 events, I have developed more creative ideas on how to inform others about improving their lifestyles and gained leadership skills that inspired me to want to take on the role of VP of Activities. If granted this position, I will do my best to bring more opportunities to SNDA members in order to strengthen their bonds with the community and their fellow peers, as well as help them reach their goals in the process of becoming future health professionals. When it comes to school, a job, or even taking care of matters at home, I make it a priority to stay organized. This skill proves my ability to stay on top of my assignments, appointments, and communications in my daily planning, which is critical for this position. Serving as an intern for Cooking Matters at Three Square this spring consists of two main jobs: scheduling dates through phone/email communication and providing presentations at various facilities to adults about eating healthier while on a budget. As I am approaching my final year in the Nutrition program at UNLV, I am ready to commit to this job as I seek to enhance the experience for SNDA members and I look forward to working with next years elected officers who will continue to expand this organization and spread awareness of the importance of nutrition.

What ideas and changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?
As with any organization I become involved with, my goal whether it’s for myself or for others is always “Connecting with the Community”. As an officer for SNDA, I plan on facilitating the process of getting more students involved with the community. This will not only be to their benefit as future health professionals, but this will also give them many   opportunities to make positive differences in others’ lives. In the upcoming fall and spring semesters I will work closely with SNDA chairs, committee members, and volunteers to ensure successful and meaningful events that occur either on or off campus. With the understanding of busy schedules interfering with SNDA involvement, it is a plan of mine to make SNDA meetings and other important information that SNDA offers more accessible for those who seek volunteering experience but may find it difficult to participate in events or monthly meetings. My goal is to provide satisfaction to all members of SNDA and encourage more students to be involved in expanding SNDA’s mission through connecting with other student and non-profit organizations.

It would be an honor to serve this job that is made possible By the Students, as my purpose will remain doing all I can For the Students.


Candidate: Bradford Solomon

Bradford Solomon_Photo

Tell us about yourself:
Since I joined SNDA last year as a freshman at UNLV, I have always intended on landing an executive position within the organization. Leadership roles are a place I have always found myself. I grew up playing football and was a captain in high school all four years where I earned a scholarship to play at Colorado Mesa University. After my senior season in high school I volunteered to coach the inaugural Women’s Flag Football team at Palo Verde high school and went on to win the first state championship. I returned from Colorado after a year and was hired by Clark County School District to coach the women’s flag football for two more seasons. It was in this time, while coaching and working at a General Nutrition Center, and losing over 100 pounds of excess football weight, that I found my love for dietetics. I paid my way to study abroad in Costa Rica where I enhanced my Spanish skills and returned to begin my academic career at UNLV in nutritional sciences.

I soon after found myself a freshman again, at a table in the Rec Center, showing curious individuals the fat vs muscle models and handing out flyers about “Shopping on a Budget” and I knew I had found a passion. I became the committee chair of SNDAces for my Sophomore year and led a few events such as the ‘SNDA Tailgate’, my own Rec Wellness fair this year, and presenting to the Women’s Soccer team at UNLV about recovery and fueling up for game day. I am entering my Junior year and would love nothing more than to lead an organization I am devoted to and give my education a purpose on campus.

Why are you seeking this officer position?
To put it short, I have always been a leader. That is not meant to be a conceited statement, rather an admittance that I miss the role. I seek this position to be able to engage myself more and more within the community and on our campus. Being a hands-on person, I would like to be involved in the planning of our important events and set others up on the path to success that I have found. I also understand the relationships made while in this position with the staff of our university and leaders within our community will help guide my career for days to come.

My career goal is to become the Director of Nutrition for either a major professional sports organization or at the collegiate level. I intend on using this position to find what does and does not work for people when following their personal career goals and passing that information along to our members about what I’ve learned. This summer I intend on finding a bridge to the staff at local sports teams such as the Golden Knights, the 51’s, the Aces, the Lights, our Rebels and the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders, to find opportunities for SNDA to get involved within our budding athletic community. Nutrition is my absolute passion and I cannot wait to help grow the education of it here in Las Vegas.

What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?
Every time I meet someone new on campus who has worked with SNDA, they have had nothing but praise for the organization. They have always found a kind, eager, and helping hand from us. I plan on carrying that tradition along and passing it to the next generation of nutrition students.

A few people I would like to recognize in this statement, who I have or would like to build a working relationship with are: Tyler Reece, a fitness and conditioning coach on campus here, who runs the Rebel Fuel Zone which provides our athletes with nutritional snacks and advice for free after their practices and between classes, but who needs more help in getting supplies and work space. Chase Eastman, a graduate student of the nutrition program whose heart is set on getting our variety of nutrition classes, taught by SNDA members and are open to the public, up and running to its full potential, I plan on going to CSUN and other organization to help us advertise. Finally, I have begun contacting Rebecca and Luis from the Mexican Consulate here in Las Vegas, who have begun the Reach program, whose goal is to promote healthy diets within our vast Latino community in the valley, specifically targeting the problem of obese children.

I plan to hit the ground running during the 2018-2019 school year. It’s not often that you get such a wonderful opportunity such as this and I pray that I am able to lead this organization as well as our former leaders have. Please consider me for the position of VP of Activities as you will not find someone who is more devoted to the success of our UNLV students.

Sincerely and Thank you
Bradford Solomon



Position: VP Communications

Candidate: Rebecca Richter

Becky Richter

Tell us a little about yourself: 
Heyy! I’m Becky, if you don’t know me, it’s probably because I’m kind of shy. However, once you get to know me though, you’ll find my character quite amusing. As someone who grew up being taught to be hard on herself and hold herself to really high standards, I’ve been on my own self-compassion journey and I’m still a work in progress, like most of us are. But showing up and doing the work has helped me to have a better outlook on life.  I’m sure many can relate when I say I have social anxiety and because of that I tend to have a small social group. This doesn’t mean I don’t connect and engage in other people’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, and even share my own (Yay social media! Right?). I can say that social media has allowed me to connect with so many others and become an active member to many online groups and blogs. I have been a strong advocate for PETA, the Humane Society, and Veggie Kids, and I admire these groups a lot for their tireless efforts on behalf of animals and Health. I’ve been vegan for 4 years now, Veggie for 10, and there’s nothing in my life that hasn’t become better as a result. From a devoted mother of two healthy twin boys to my mental and spiritual well-being. I am a strong believer people should support one another and make the world a healthier place, but it starts by making some changes, changes for better, for health and wellness, and spiritual well-being. I believe it’s the small choices people make that have the biggest impact, and nothing is simpler yet also more far-reaching than changing how and what you choose to eat. We are all here for a short time but, in the end living a well-intentioned and compassionate life is what ultimately matters the most. I am compassionate in becoming a registered dietitian and currently on my junior year in the Nutrition Science program here at UNLV with goals to inspire others on their journey to personal and physical health

Why are you seeking this officer position?
I am applying as the Communication Vice President because I love a challenge, I want to be a leader further involved in SNDA and know I could excel making the association stronger. I love media outreach and enjoy encouraging others to become healthier. I know the importance of social media networking and can encapsulate a large audience through positivity, health and fitness. I am comfortable with technology, organized and artistic. I am looking for an experience that I can learn from and grow from personally and professionally. SNDA community outreach has been extremely rewarding and being part of the association as an officer would continue this joy. I have met so many amazing members with the common goal of promoting nutrition and health and the motivation to make a difference is contagious. I look forward to be a driving force in the community and on campus.  

What ideas and changes will you brings to SNDA and your position?
I believe going into a position within a successful association it is very important to learn from alumni and other members. I would like to know what were the challenges faced and the solutions found while they were in office. I will find out what was successful and the current state of each aspect of position. This will give me an idea on what steps are needed to continue the success and what is needed push us over the threshold to be the best SNDA to date.

Social media communication outreach can always be improved. Getting involved and partnering with new strategic agencies around UNLV and the community will continue to expand our impact and I look forward this. Keeping our members active participants on our social media accounts has been limited. I have seen some question/answer posts, but as a member myself I am guilty of reading and not replying. This is a challenge that will take some thinking outside of the box, but I know is important. Commenting, likes, and activity on the site keep our post near the top of feeds creating greater exposure. I am artistic, have a good sense of humor and look forward to making SNDA more entertaining and a better association if given the opportunity.     


Position: Treasurer

Candidate: Brittney Rench

Brittney Rench Photo

Tell us a little about yourself:
I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and participated in many sports and musicals throughout middle school and high school. However, growing up nutrition was not something I was taught. After eating a poor diet for many years, I began to have many health issues. This is when I became educated on the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition became a passion for me and I knew I wanted to help children and families learn how nutrition can affect health. I moved to Las Vegas in 2017 to attend the Nutrition program at UNLV. Once graduated my goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and work with children. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, blogging, and exercising!

Why are you seeking this officer position?
Since I began attending UNLV last fall, SNDA has been a big part of my learning about this program. After participating in the SNDA fundraising committee these last two semesters I became more interested in obtaining an officer position. I believe the Treasurer position will utilize my organizational, time management, and budgeting skills.

What ideas or changes will you bring to SNDA and your position?
I would continue to organize memberships, transactions, and finances. Additionally, I would like to help the fundraising committee create and organize fundraisers including restaurants, froyo, t shirts, and others that will help raise money for SNDA use.



Position: Secretary

Candidate: Denise Warner

Denise Warner Photo

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a lifelong student, an active mother of three, and a cheerleader for healthy lifestyle pursuers.  Before becoming a nutrition student, I was an assistant manager in a financial institution coordinating appointments, working on the frontline of the business, and mentoring and coaching bankers.  As a Junior in the nutrition program I have worked as a research assistant for the Nursing department at UNLV and found a liking in organizing, calculating, and gathering nutritional data. During my year and a half as an SNDA member I am the current design chair, have volunteered for the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Project, participated as a mentor at the 2017 A-Games, helped with bringing donors in for our Blood drives, and bring awareness to SNDA through helpful nutrition-oriented tips delivered to students during Research Week and Diabetes Awareness Day.  During my leisure time I love cheering for my kids during their basketball, volleyball and soccer games and watching Pro football or basketball games with my husband.

Why are you seeking this officer position?
I want to help streamline and maintain the operations of SNDA and help other SNDA members have optimal opportunities through updates I will be providing them if I become the secretary.  I also like to prepare and support SNDA in the organization’s endeavors, which I feel is important in a secretary role.

What ideas or changes will you bring SNDA and your position?
I want to continue the work of compiling a list of resources of previous and ongoing volunteer organizations.  Also, maintaining the organization that the SNDA secretary and other officers have established for SNDA is of great importance.  If I become secretary, I would like to also maintain the organization’s communication to SNDA members and future members.