Previous SNDA Officers | 2017-2018

President:Sheena Skelton

Sheena was born in Clark Air Force Base, Philippines and moved around all her life. Hailing from a military family, she has lived in various countries to include the Philippines, the United States, Panama, Turkey, and Japan. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University and commissioned into the United States Air Force (USAF) through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, dedicating over ten years of both active duty and reserve service. Her enthusiasm for food, culture, science, and service to others led to her decision to transition into the USAF Reserves in 2015 to allow her to pursue her dream of becoming a registered dietitian. As President of UNLV SNDA, she is focused on ensuring the members of SNDA receive every opportunity to develop as professionals in their chosen career paths while serving their community and raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and physical activity. After graduation, her goal is to work in the non-profit sector and focus on nutrition in the global community. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering in the local community, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Franky.


VP of Activities:Macy Vezina

Macy Vezina grew up in Hawthorne, California and moved to Las Vegas to attend UNLV straight out of high school. After a catastrophic car accident at the end of her freshmen year, she was temporarily unable to walk or do daily activities. Through this experience, she learned the medical capabilities of nutrition. She soon realized the silver lining in her experience – it led her to a passion for health and wellness. As VP of Activities, she is looking to help foster friendships and opportunities that she was provided when first joining SNDA. She wants to provide unforgettable events and experiences for the members. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, crafting, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. After graduation, Macy aspires to become a registered dietitian and continue her education.MacyV


VP of Communications:Natasha Nerika Lising

Natasha was born in a small town in California, but grew up in the big city of Las Vegas. Natasha initially enrolled in the nutrition program as just an interest, but developed a love for the field shortly after she took nutrition courses. During her first year of college, she encountered major health issues in which nutrition became a huge part in her daily life. With media being such a huge cornerstone in today’s world, it was difficult for her to feel good about herself, but she believed that proper nutrition, exercise, and a healthy relationship with food was the most important when it came to feeling good about one’s body. She aspires that one day as a registered dietitian, she could help educate and clarify the nutritional myths vs truths to curious individuals, as well as influence them to have a positive mindset when it comes to health via the media. Natasha has loved art ever since she was a freshman in high school and plans to incorporate her first passion into the nutrition world by working on creative projects and programs for the community to help benefit individuals and their nutritional needs. In her spare time, she loves to attend concerts, watch WWE, play with makeup, and visit cool burger joints and coffee shops.NatashaL


Treasurer:Tina Glidewell

Tina grew up in Southern California participating in track and field activities through high school.  She moved to Las Vegas where she earned her first degree in Criminal Justice from UNLV in 2003.  She continued to work in finance and accounting for a local charter school and payroll company.  After marrying her high school sweetheart, they started a family.  During pregnancy, Tina was under the care of a Registered Dietician and that is when she realized just how important nutrition was for expecting mothers.  Tina’s goals for her future are to become a Registered Dietician and work with expectant mothers.  She hopes that her personal experiences and knowledge gained will make her a compassionate and vital part of a medical team.TinaG


Secretary:August Ferree

August, although originally born in Virginia, was raised in Las Vegas for most of her life. At a very young age, she was curious about food, health, and the environment around us. After experiencing life changing health issues, she knew healing her body through proper nourishment was the only solution. Her passion for health and nutrition began to escalate and she came to realize that by acquiring an awareness of the food we consume we create a foundation to a more positive mind, body, and soul relationship within ourselves. August is currently a senior in the Nutrition program and is excited to pursue a career as a registered dietitian/nutritionist after graduation. She envisions her future self continuously striving to expand her knowledge and integrating other health and wellness methods into her lifestyle and career. Her ultimate goal is to specialize in holistic nutrition and preventative care. As Secretary, she is focused on producing reliable information and authentic content to SNDA members as well as maintaining open communication among everyone associated with the organization. She aspires to never stop being creative and follow all the things that bring her joy, most of which include photography, blogging, working out, practicing yoga, and cuddling with her puppy.AugustF