2015 – 2016 SNDA Officers

PhoenixSteffenPresident – Phoenix Steffen

Now native to the city, Phoenix moved to Las Vegas after living in Southern California and the Philippines. She initially began her studies at UNLV as a major in sociology, with a special interest in the sociology of penology and militarism, before switching into the Nutrition Sciences program. Eager to be of service to others, she felt that the program could provide her with a more specific means of helping people. Indeed, she is most excited about the community contributions she can provide with a Nutrition Sciences degree, although she ultimately hopes to work in a non-governmental organization within the humanitarian sector. Aside from her professional aspirations, however, Phoenix loves to feel connected to life through relationships and experiences. She is always up for meeting new people, and doing new things that would challenge her fears or curiosities.



Elika Nematian

VP Activities – Elika Nematian

Elika Nematian received her bachelors in Nutrition Science in May 2015 and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Public Health. She began her studies in Pre-professional biology and later transferred to nutrition to be able to focus her efforts on preventative care as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She plans to bring forth new opportunities for members and build upon previous SNDA accomplishments. Professionally, she finds fulfillment working as a Community Based Instructor and a contributing author for University of Nevada Reno, Cooperative Extension, promoting health and wellness to recovering substance abusers and incarcerated females. Elika’s greatest goal is to inspire others and enhance the life of people she meets. Aside from her role in the community, she strives to be a positive role model for her younger sister and hopes to one day live a simple and humble life near the beach in Southern California.



VP Communications – Zen Huynh

Zen Huynh is a second-career Nutrition student who will be graduating in the following Spring and will pursue to become a licensed Registered Dietitian. Zen’s former background was in Corporate Marketing and Advertising, where she administered company-wide internal training and communications. She hopes that with her unique professional background she can help transform the health care industry and elevate the role of nutrition and exercise in everyone’s well-being. As someone who has been winning the battle over Fibromyalgia for years, Zen is passionate about inspiring others and is excited to obtain her degree in Nutrition Sciences and licensure so that she can educate and help those who are ready to become advocates for themselves. If Zen is not out engaging in the community, she loves spending time with her family and friends or cuddling with her husband and their two “furry” kids, Shifu and LuLu.



Secretary – Kenneth Martinez-Orendain

Kenneth was born and raised here in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. He grew up with his younger brother and mom who always reminds them the importance of having an education. Kenneth loves eating all different types of foods; from simple to complex dishes. He used to be bullied in middle and high school due to his weight. He was always heavier than all the other students. However, he managed to lose over 100 pounds, leaving the people that used to bully him in shock. Ever since losing all that weight, Kenneth got into nutrition and started learning more and more of how nutrition can prevent a variety of diseases. He loves listening to Adam Glambert and currently has Ghost Town stuck on repeat. #Glambert4lyfe


DaphnneBalizan Treasurer – Daphnne Balizan

Daphnne is a senior in the UNLV Nutrition Sciences program. Her main career goal includes becoming a Registered Dietitian specializing in Diabetes. She is also interested in preventive care and all aspects of medical nutrition.  At age 6 her father enrolled her in gymnastics and it became a very influential part of her life, shaping who she is today.  She is very grateful and credits her father for her love of exercising and health. Daphnne is committed and excited to be a part of the UNLV SNDA for 2015- 2016 year.